Safe for plastic or metal pipes. Keeps your sewer line free flowing. Environmentally safe. Dissolves all organic matter. Available at The Home Depot in all states except Alaska, and Hardware Stores in the Northeast. Available in Gallons only. Packed 3 Gallons per case/.63 Cu. Ft. Wt. 35 lbs. Item # P-128 



Non Acid, Non Caustic. Contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents. Poses no threat to underground water supplies. Fast acting. Available at The Home Depot in all states except Alaska and Massachussetts, and many Hardware stores in the Northeast except Massachussetts.  Not available in the State of Massachussetts, however it is available in all surrounding states. It is 100% safe for the environment and releases oxygen into the air, so it actually helps the environment. This is an unbelieveable unique product!

FOR USE IN: Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Drain fields, Laundry Dry Wells, Waste Pipe Cleaning, Odor Control. Super Cess-Flo is non-Polluting, Zero environmental impact. Restores Drainage Fast. Available in Gallons. Packed 4 gallons per case/1.08 Cu. Ft. Wt. 35 lbs. Item # P-101


Non Acid, Fast acting, Non polluting. Will not harm pipes. Cuts grease, dissolves hair. At least 8 times stronger than nationally advertised brands. Available at The Home Depot in all states except Alaska, True Value, and Ace Hardware Stores along with retail outlets everywhere in the Northeast.  Available in quarts and half gallons. Quarts packed 12 per case/.71 Cu. Ft. Wt 35 lbs. Half Gallons packed 6 per case/.89 Cu. Ft. Wt 35 lbs.

Half Gallon - Item # P-10264; Quarts  - Item # P-10232